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As known from old documents, the village was called “Villa il Poggio” in 1543. In 1830 the Villa il Poggio and its 12 parcels of land were bought by the Livorno industrialist Enrico Conti. Ugo, the first born was director of a soap factory that exported its products all the way to America. The second son, Arturo Conti, was an architect and built the villas annex and its actual form. The church and the imposing Town Hall of Fauglia are also part of his work.
At the beginning of the 1900 the villa became known as Villa Conti. Its land produced wheat, corn, sugar beet, wine and olive oil from their private mill. In 1979 Pietro Ferrari-Conti decided to sell the Villa and its land to divide the heritage between his four children.

A few years ago the Coglianese family bought Villa Conti to create a B & B with a restaurant. The restructuring and renovation of the villa took two and a half years, with enormous difficulties to recreate its former splendor. The villa is located in the friendly village of Fauglia in Tuscany. The family atmosphere promises an agreeable stay, with exquisite cuisine and live music. The love of music is omnipresent and different musicians perform in styles going from Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll or classical music.

Villa Conti could be called “an artist’s get together”. In fact, very often professional musicians or singer songwriters such as Paolo MarioniGiangi DeboliniRepp PradMaria Luigia Borsi visit or spend an evening.

But the family has another passion: animals. You love animals? Then you’re in the right place Dogs, cats, donkeys and horses have found paradise. The youngest offspring, Gabriel Coglianese, is the only Italian horse whisperer, or more precisely the only riding
instructor that uses the Monty Roberts methods. Villa Conti is where horses are trained or retrained (if they have behaviour problems) with a soft technique, without violence. You can vacation with your horse and take riding lessons, Western or English style. The family speaks Italian, German, English and Portuguese.

Does paradise on earth exist? Yes, and it’s not very far It’s at Villa Conti, nestled in the countryside of Fauglia, in the Province of Pisa. Courteously managed by the friendly Coglianese Family, this splendid Tuscan Villa, richly decorated with
frescoes, is located on a hill from where the panoramic view is breathtaking Villa Conti is a corner of paradise, where serenity, smiles and good food and drink will make your stay special. At the elegant restaurant, for lunch or romantic meals, professional musicians with a musical repertory from Jazz to classical music will make you live unforgettable, emotional moments. Villa Conti is expecting you.

Paolo Marsicola

Paolo Marsicola


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